What I am Called to Be.

This pretty much is what God called me to be out in the workforce these many years. Though I am a College Graduate (two degrees) and an accomplished Member of Toastmasters, I have pretty much averaged $10 an hour throughout my life. I am 61, and a little under six years from retiring (Social Security). I have held simple jobs with low pay, but they have always involved being a part of a workforce team whose universal goals are improving and benefiting Mankind, God's Kingdom, or both. My low paying jobs have been with World Vision Inc: (fighting world hunger), Wycliffe Bible Translators (Translating the Bible into languages in very remote areas of the world), Full Gospel Business Men's Inc. (shares Christianity all of the world), and providing Healthcare for the Community. Today I am finishing out my work years by working with Service Source Inc. as a Civilian Contract Worker out at The U.S. Army Post at Fort Carson, where I am serving the troops who are sacrificing and giving a lot for our Freedom and Democracy in America. Society would have mixed and controversial views as to whether or not my life has been successful, but I have learned that success from a biblical standpoint is not necessarily built on money and status.

LAST SHALL BE FIRST--PART 2: I mentioned in an earlier post that the "Last Shall be First" is what God called me to be out in the workforce and though they were low pay and low status jobs (which I was more less restricted to due to developmental disability), they were always part of a workforce team whose universal goal was benefiting and helping to better mankind and God's Kingdom. All this was further evidenced by two career opportunities which came my way (which were outside the calling) in the past and completely fell through--God slammed the door. One opportunity was Opera Pacific in Orange County, CA. The opera sent me a letter back in 1986 asking me to send the a vocal resume of myself, a glossy photo, and memorize a couple of Arias. After I did all that, I was screened out of the auditions at the last moment. I had been in the First Opera ever performed at Segerstrom Hall, and that was the beginning and end of my career in Opera. The second time something came my way outside the calling, was when I got my Commercial Drivers License to drive a bus in Southern California. Even though I scored high on the exams, everything fell apart. When I moved to Colorado, I had to give up my CDL and downgrade to a regular Colorado Drivers License because of Diabetes. I got back on track, and I have been successful with Service Source.