Chapter 8.

[In conjunction with Chapter 12.]



Song Medleys Arranged

by Bill Baxter.

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The Eccentric Bachelor of Old Towne.

** When I lived in Old Towne in Orange, California; over 15 years ago, I use to sit out on my front porch at night and sing Folk Songs. I called myself "The Eccentric Bachelor of Old Towne." That is when I started arranging songs into medleys and singing them. I first started arranging medleys into a website with this title in and around the year 2000.

"An Old Towne (Orange, California) Legend states that long ago, during the early-mid evenings, an eccentric bachelor use to emerge from his home and sit down on the front porch with his Baritone Ukulele, and sing old folk songs, like people use to do when Old Towne Orange was in its youth. The Eccentric Bachelor of Old Towne is none other than Bill Baxter."

Today he lives in Colorado Springs, CO.


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